Images Courtesy of Gensler and Kilograph


This Silicon Valley pioneer sought a corporate headquarters that reflected its core belief in people as its greatest asset. The 250,000-square-foot floor plan of this triangular building is designed around how people move, demonstrating design from the inside out. Oversized platforms replace stairways as vertical connectors and serve to stage impromptu meetings and interactions. The building’s sculptural roof, informed by the interior planning, creates large, vaulted spaces along with more intimate areas where private, focused work occurs. Skylights bring ample diffused daylight into the building, creating an efficient and uplifting work environment, one poised to make its mark in the Silicon Valley landscape.

How do you design a home for the world leader in visual computing where evolution or extinction is measured in microns? What is the architectural future for cutting edge technology companies?

For NVIDIA, performance of their chips is based on how fast information moves. And to maximize this flow, the connections are designed and optimized at the outset.

Learning from how NVIDIA creates their innovative products, the design team set out to create a novel workflow where we designed the process connections first resulting in an inclusive design delivery model - from integrated digital models to programming to leveraging NVIDIA technologies.

Image Courtesy of Gensler and Kilograph